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J. Bermudas


I went to Studio Steffanie because I was ready to get my life on track and create an environment of success. Steffanie was able to show me the areas in my life that needed to be rearranged and point me in the direction of change. She is a great accountability partner! If you are tired of running in the same circles and are ready to run in a straight line, forward to success, call her today!


Nedra Lyles

web designer

Six months ago, Studio Steffanie became my Life Coach. As a 56-year-old woman, I was coming into the realization that it was all about Nedra, but the question I didn’t have the answer to, unbeknownst to me, was: Who is Nedra? 


In answering questions from the Studio Steffanie introductory  Coaching Session questionnaire, I found that I had pushed my dreams so far to the back by caring for everyone else, that I had lost focus of my goals ….they had just become a shadowed outline.


Working with Studio Steffanie, I was able not only to clearly define the lines of my goals, but I was also able to add color to my dreams and goals as they become recognizable and achievable.


Another aspect of the Life Coaching was the Health and Personal Fitness awareness that she provided. I realized the power of daily affirmations and morning quiet time. It is amazing!


Now six months later, I have such a clearer view of what my goals are. As a result, I am able to recognize different opportunities that arise which will assist in leading me to achieve my actual goals and dreams.  Thank you Studio for helping me to answer that question:  Who is Nedra?


My sisters.. ask yourself the question:  Who is (Your name)? If your answer is not clear, then I recommend that you contact Studio Steffanie for an introductory coaching session.


Sir Markadoo

Branding & Marketing Guru, On-Line Video Branding & Marketing, Beauty Industry, Health & Wellness Coach. 

When it comes to Studio Steffanie's love & passion for young women, she definitely has no equal. I love working with and for her. Keep up the great work.

Sir worked directly with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Shamane Rivers


I would recommend Steffanie's services, she is very personable, an expert at her feel, and is very talented and creative at what she does.

Shamane was Studio's client


BreeAnna Marie
Fashion Designer, Actress, Model, Writer

Stefanie's work is very impressive and creative. Would definitely recommend!

BreeAnna was Studio's client


Christina Smith
Owner at Crystalview Media Inc.

Studio Steffanie is an upstanding company. They are all about giving back to the community. They will work to meet your demand. They are troubleshooter so if you've got a problem, they have a solution. 

Studio Steffanie is an innovated company that will help brand your company and will teach you how to promote yourself and your business as a business owner, as a model...more

at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Dan Moore, Jr.
Business Development/PM Professional

This is a recommendation for Studio Steffanie. She worked on numerous projects with me and was able to put solid teams together. Studio is a hard worker with high integrity. She has provided resources for events held at the APEX that helped catapult our projects to new levels. I highly recommend Studio, as she and her associates have what it takes to bring professionalism...more

Dan was with another company when working with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Selah Abrams
Entertainment Industry Entrepreneur; Turner Networks/Turner Broadcasting

Steffanie is organized and driven, but is also extremely easy to get along with, and has a bright, sunny disposition which makes her someone you WANT to talk to and do business with...highly recommended!

Selah was with another company when working with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Waldo Williams, Marketing Executive

Make Sure You Check Out Studio Steffanie for all things mentally, physically, and emotionally. She's Your 1 Stop Shop! Dependable, Courteous and Affordable. You won't be disappointed. Thank You, Studio Steffanie! 

Waldo worked directly with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Byron C. Saunders
Full-Service Professional Arts Management Consultancy

For the best in professional services, I can highly recommend Studio Steffanie Agency as a go-to company.

Byron C. was with another company when working with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Cole Parker

President & CEO at Divas In Defense Inc., Certified Self-Defense Instructor, Marketing Guru, Safety Specialist

We have utilized Studio Steffanie in assisting with our efforts to provide dependable talent to expand our brand. She is a professional with unequivocal passion. I HIGHLY recommend her services.

Cole was Studio's client


Melinda Haynes, LMFT Candidate

Therapist Under Supervision

Steffanie is an impressive, multi-talented professional with a dedication to quality and service. She has what it takes to make her clients shine in a competitive industry. Her commitment to giving back to the community is an inspiration to those around her.


Rosetta Clark
Administrative at Emory Healthcare

I enjoy doing business with Steffanie, she is a great communicator and I have experienced the quality of excellence, integrity, and a great talent of creativity, very detailed in all aspects of the Business.

Rosetta was Studio's client


Horace Justice

Atlanta Global Direct Marketing

I have provided Direct Marketing Services( door to door Postcard Delivery) for Studio Steffanie Agency a few weeks ago in March of 2012. Steffanie has always been professional in her approach to business. While there at the studio I've noticed state of the art facilities and a professional staff. If I had a younger or older child who wants to aspire to...more

 Horace was a consultant or contractor to Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Jason Jones
Design Executive at Yeng Shui Branding Company

StudioSteffanie provides a great service with a professional atmosphere overall a very dependable service provider.

 Jason was Studio's client


Raj "Rakow" Kala
Actor w/ People Store/Musician/Producer at Purple Ribbon

Steffanie is very personable and has the drive to succeed and help her cohorts succeed as well!

 Raj "Rakow" was Studio's client


Owner/Producer/Writer/Music Engineer/Graphic Designer at Digital Pimps Ltd. Productions

I would work with them again anytime.

 LYCAN was with another company when working with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.


Sylvia Burley
Principal, Green Energy Consulting Group

I worked with Steffanie and found her to be resourceful, passionate and creative. 

She is an "idea" person who doesn't ask "why?" but "why not?". Steffanie is also an expert multi-tasker who seems to enjoy having as many balls in the air as possible. 

If you want new ideas and a roadmap on how to get there, then Steffanie is your girl!

 Sylvia worked directly with Studio at StudioSteffanie Enterprises, Inc.

Wealth & Wellness Coach

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